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A workplace to be proud of

If we would describe a future employee, without the use of the obvious requirement like being ambitious, creative and able to work in teams.

Then we would probably describe you as a person who understands why it is the letter X that is missing in the combination of QWASZ.

We believe we have succeeded in something most companies and organization strive for. A work envoirment where every single individual can take place and contribute. A culture filled with social activities and a common view on our, as a company, destination.

A real workplace

World class competence and employees

Working at aRway you have the opportunity to work with several of Swedens largest enterprises within finance, retail, construction, pharmacology and telecom.

As a new employee you go through a solid training and a individual plan for your role as a consultant. During the years we have hade the pleasure to see our talents grow in to experts in a short time.

Our daily work is to delevop swedens largest and leading companies and organisations. This is where your analytical thinking comes in. So if you’re still thinking about what the X has to do with anything? Take a break and meet our employees.

Community, well being and equlity

The employees at aRway are people that value their well being. That being said, the often meet up outside of work to enjoy a dinner, or challenge each other in a ping pong or pool game a friday night.

Fellowship is important and we encourage our employees to arrange activities and with health care contributions.

What we are trying to explain is simply a workplace that we really like. A workplace where you as a individual are being offered a lot of space, consideration and career opportunities. Maybe your future workplace?

aRway is a young company with an average age at 31 and with a great ambition to attract an equal distribution of men and woman in our workforce.

Transparency is a common keyword among management and employees, and we have no salary slips or individual salaries. Equal pay for equal role.