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System modeling

System Modelling realizes the reality in the form of system models that can also show how the information flow in a system looks and interaction between systems.

System modeling is an important asset in the implementation of new systems and applications, but also in the development of existing systems. We help our customers with system modeling in terms of  identification and mapping the need of functionality.

System Modelling realizes the reality. It visualises  how the information flow in a system looks and interact with other systems. These models are used to create functional requirements.

Functional requirements is a solid ground for both target and solution architecture, and where system models for future systems, TO-BE, connects the requirements to solutions.

System modeling in practice

We are confident that we have found the right way to the system modeling to identify the functionality of a system, the information that flows in a system and how systems interact with each other.

These system models allow us to analyze and identify efficiency opportunities but also determining factors in the settlement of the system.

The workshop-based communication between IT and the business we create an interactive environment with a focus on information flow in which all parties will input and where we work together to create system models that are understood, used, and which constitute a reusable foundation for the future.

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