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Information modeling

Information is one of the most valuable assets of a business. We help our customers to clearly communicate information and complex data relationships within your organization and processes.

Information is every business raw material that must be stored, handled and be easily accessible for employees. With a unified terminology it favors communication and creates an effective exchange of information between people, processes and systems.

Our goal is to clearly communicate information models and complex data relationships within an organization. We analyze and document the information flow that is handeld by the organization and with the power of information models demonstrate how these are related to each other.

The information within your business represents the logical, where we focus on “what” the organization’s use of data and not “how” the organization does, which is what the process architecture represents.

Through information modeling, we also have the opportunity to detail the requirements needed to design a database.

Information modeling in practice

By describing the business information needs and information requirements that form the basis of an information architecture we make sure your business avoid unwanted duplication of storage. We can use the requirements definition based on information create a customized list of requirements that form the basis for the database that is suitable for your particular business.

We work in a workshop-based communication between IT and Operations which creates an interactive environment with a focus on the information within the enterprise. It involves all parties where we work together to create information models that are understood, used and provides a solid foundation for the future.

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