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Enterprise Architecture Center

Would you invest in the use of Enterprise Architecture as a tool to streamline processes and requirements set IT support? Have you built up a capital structure with descriptions of processes, information, systems and architecture?

To keep the structural capital alive and ensure quality, we have developed a number of services to support the business development. By creating an effective change in the company based on the enterprise architecture, it will be easier to act when changes occur in the future. Enterprise architecture provides the platform required to ensure that all parts of the company fulfils the management requirements and support the same goals.

Enterprise Architecture support

Support for users and projects on request (resources, estimates, rating, project view, extract / printing)

Enterprise Architecture Management

Management of the EA structural capital and meeting place. From Change Request to implemented and communicated change

Enterprise Architecture Change Advisory Board support

Preparation, implementation, documentation of EACAB that decision-making fora, and monitoring the implementation of agreed changes

Enterprise Architecture Center Administration

Case management (reception, allocation, monitoring and termination), resource management and project billing

Enterprise Architecture training

Mission-driven planning, administration, implementation and monitoring of training

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